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Our customers have their say and tell us about the use of flawa iQ in their business!

  • flawa iQ gives me confidence that I have fulfilled my duty of care to our employees in relation to occupational health requirements and to protect our brand and reputation.

    Stephan Berger
    VAT Vakuumventile AG, HSE Manager
  • With the automated re-procurement of used dressing materials as well as the electronic monitoring of expiry dates, periodic control visits are no longer necessary. In addition, thanks to flawa iQ, we can dispense with internal dressing material warehouses.

    Michael Frei
    Glarner Kantonalbank, Head of Real Estate and Services
  • The iQ Portal helps me to have an overview of all case statuses in the company. Injury modules taken from the portal also provide me with important information about accidents in the workplace, some of which are not communicated to me.

    Martin Ita
    Rheinmetall Air Defence AG, Head of Wiring Looms & Cabels | Member of the Board
  • Since we have been using flawa iQ, we no longer keep internal stocks of dressing materials. We only have the materials on site that are actually needed. Replacements are delivered within a day.

    Tobias Bernhardsgrütter
    Tobi Seeobst AG
  • flawa iQ gives me the certainty that the first aid stations in our company are always complete, correctly stocked and ready for use 24/7.

    Béla Takacs
    TELAG, Head of Customer Service
  • Different filling variants of flawa iQ allow us to optimally adapt the contents of the first aid stations to the hazardous situations in the different departments.

    Markus Steiner
    Universität St. Gallen, Head of Construction & Technology | Deputy Safety Officer
  • flawa iQ significantly raises the standard of compliance and helps us to consistently comply with regulations and mitigate process risks.

    Mike Holenstein
    Raiffeisenbank Wil and surroundings, Head of Banking Operations | Member of the Board
  • The decisive factor for investing in flawa iQ was the fact that the system significantly raises the compliance standard and consistently helps us to seamlessly comply with regulations and minimise process risks.

    Dieter Graf
    stürmsfs AG, Head of QM/ASM

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Deep dives into flawa iQ

flawa iQ - Swiss Innovation by Flawa AG Banner

Support and relief

Injury-related modules for single use including step-by-step instructions ensure competent first aid by all staff.

Ordnung und Übersicht mit dem Erste Hilfe Koffer von flawa iQ

Order and overview

The structure of flawa iQ is modular. The case does not contain loose products, but modular boxes arranged according to injury type. These ensure order and a clear overview.

flawa iQ bestellt entwendete Materialien automatisch nach - Erste Hilfe Koffer immer vollständig

Automatic ordering

flawa iQ is digitally networked.
If an injury module is removed from the case, it automatically places an order and a new module is delivered immediately.

flawa iQ ermöglich ein zentrales Monitoring aller betriebsinternen Erste Hilfe Koffer

Expiry dates under control

With the monitoring of expiry dates, information is provided well in advance of expiry and replacements are automatically delivered. This ensures that cases are always free of expired products.

Integrierte Alarmfunktion ist wichtig für Erste Hilfe Koffer für Betriebe

Alarm function for time saving

The optional alarm solution is used for internal alarming.
In an emergency, the response time of first responders is significantly reduced.

mit flawa iQ immer alles unter Kontrolle - der weltweit erste digitale Notfallkoffer

Everything under control

The iQ Portal for monitoring the cases iprovides those responsible with valuable information such as consumer statistics,
target/actual stock, expiring products, etc.

Different system variants for different companies: flawa iQ adapts to your needs

Logo flawa iQ Basic

✓ Modular structure
✓ Industry solution
✓ Step-by-step guide



Logo flawa iQ Advanced

✓ Modular structure
✓ Industry solution
✓ Step-by-step guide

✓ Automatic reordering
✓ Monitoring expiry dates
✓ iQ Portal


Logo flawa iQ Pro

✓ Modular structure
✓ Industry solution
✓ Step-by-step guide

✓ Automatic reordering
✓ Monitoring expiry dates
✓ iQ Portal

✓ Alarm function


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What else the digital emergency kit has to offer

Notfallkoffer für verschiedene Branchen und Betriebe

Industry solutions

Various industry-specific case fillings are offered for different operational needs.

flawa iQ Preisstruktur


The flawa iQ intelligent first aid system is purchased and the injury modules used are charged according to consumption.

Qualitätscheck flawa iQ - Notfallkoffer auf höchstem Niveau


High quality, user-friendliness and regulatory compliance of the integrated dressing materials are crucial for us.