Support & Relief

Injury modules with step-by-step instructions simplify first aid

Injury-related modules for single use including step-by-step instructions ensure competent first aid by all staff.

The use of injury modules is new. First aiders no longer have to search for individual dressing materials in the case, but simply take out the appropriate module. These are clearly marked with corresponding symbols, which allows for easy and quick identification.

digitaler Erste-Hilfe-Koffer bestellt automatisch nach & ist immer vollständig

Step-by-step instructions printed on the inside of the modules show how to use the corresponding materials. The new concept serves as an aid for staff, which is extremely valuable, especially in hectic situations.


Click here for an overview of the injury modules.

Verletzungsmodule mit Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung vereinfacht Erste Hilfe