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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the tenancy last?

The minimum term is 36 months. The contract is automatically extended by a further 12 months.

When do I have to terminate the tenancy agreement?

The contract must be terminated in writing by e-mail (support@flawa-iq.ch) at least 3 months before the end of the rental period.

What is included in the rental price?

Cases, installed electronics and additionally required devices for optimal data transmission. Depending on the number of cases used and/or the nature of the building, additional devices such as iQ-Gateway or iQ-Bridge are installed. The iQ-Bridges are not included in the rental price.

Can I determine the contents of the case myself?

flawa iQ offers optimally equipped cases for various industries. If required, the filling can be adapted at any time or the contents of the case can be put together yourself.

How quickly are used modules replaced?

Modules taken in the morning are processed on the same working day (Monday to Friday) and usually delivered the following day.

Which products are in the modules?

High quality, user-friendliness and compliance with legal requirements are the decisive criteria for our dressing materials. As an independent provider, we source our products exclusively from certified suppliers who meet the quality requirements of the Swiss market.

How does the alarm button function?

The alarm button must be pressed for at least 5 seconds. This immediately calls the internal first aiders defined by the company. A voice output announces the location of the case.

Where can I see the current battery status?

The battery status of each individual case is visible in the iQ Portal dashboard.

How long does the battery last?

This depends on the use of the case (opening and closing) and the ambient temperature. With normal use of the case in heated rooms, the battery will last for several years.

How do I change a battery?

Instructions for replacing the battery will be sent to you with the new battery.

Where can I get a replacement battery?

We will send this to you automatically at the appropriate time.

How do I know to which case a forwarded module belongs?

The delivery note indicates to which case (location) the module belongs.

Where can I see the expiry date of a module?

This is visible on the side of each module. In addition, the dashboard in the iQ Portal shows you when a product has a maximum shelf life of 14 days. A replacement module will be sent to you automatically at the appropriate time.

What do I see in the dashboard?

All information about the cases (location, status, battery condition) and modules (expiry dates, current consumption) as well as battery condition

What are "data" fees?

“Data” ensures the fees for data transfer as well as the operation of the dashboard and the transfer of any software updates. These are included in the rental price. When purchasing a case, the fee is charged separately.

How are the monthly fees charged?

Billing is done in advance for 12 months at a time. In the case of a new installation, a commenced month counts as a full month.

What is an iQ Gateway?

An iQ gateway is used for data transmission and is used depending on the number of cases used per customer or the individual building characteristics.

What is an iQ-Access/iQ-Bridge?

An iQ-Access ensures the transmission of data from the case to the iQ-Gateway in case of building conditions that are unfavourable with regard to data transmission.

How is data transmitted?

Depending on the number of cases used and the nature of the building, the case sends its data directly or via an iQ gateway using NB-IoT (Narrow Band IoT), an extension of the 4G network. If an iQ-Gateway is used, the data is exchanged between it and the case on the usual radio frequency 868 MHz for building applications.

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